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 All Bids and Proposals for the Board of Public Utilities are listed on this Bids and Proposals Page.  

All Bidding Documents, Plans, Addendum, and Backup Information will be uploaded on the individual Bid/Proposal Posting.

Please see below for all Bids and Proposals that are currently open for the Board of Public Utilities. Additional City of Cheyenne Bids and Proposals can be located here. City's Bids and Proposals

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The Board of Public Utilities ONLY posts Bids and Proposals on the official Board Website (

Any 3rd Party Sources such as plan-houses may not have the most current, or up-to-date content. The Board of Public Utilities never charges a fee to download Bidding Documents.

Questions & Inquiries

For general questions relating to Bids or Proposals, please contact the Board of Public Utilities

Dena Egenhoff

E-Mail Dena


The Board of Public Utilities is located at 2416 Snyder Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82001

Other Bid Opportunites

All Board of Public Utility Bids & Proposals will be found here on this page.

If you are interested in viewing Open Bids & Proposals for the City of Cheyenne please click below:

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