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All Bids and Proposals for the Board of Public Utilities are listed on this Bids and Proposals Page. Furthermore, all bidding documents, plans, addendum, and backup information will be uploaded to the individual Bid or Proposal Posting. Click on the desired bid or proposal to view all information related to the corresponding bid or proposal. Please see below for all bids and proposals that are currently open for the Board of Public Utilities.

The Board of Public Utilities ONLY posts Bids and Proposals on the official Board of Public Utilities' Website ( Any third party sources, such as plan-houses, may not have the most current, or up-to-date content. The Board of Public Utilities never charges a fee to download Bidding Documents.

Additional City of Cheyenne bids and proposals can be located here on the City of Cheyenne, Bids and Proposals Webpage

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