Oil/Water Separators and Sand Interceptors


Nondomestic users who are required to have Oil/Water Separators or Sand Interceptors.

The below is meant to educate Industrial Users about the requirements to prevent nonfood grade oils from entering the sewer system.

The Board of Public Utilities has established requirements in Cheyenne City Code 13.20.545 for any facility that has the potential to discharge petroleum oil, mineral oil, cutting oils, non-food grease and solids. All facilities described above must comply with the requirements which include both the requirement for installation and proper operation and maintenance of a separator and other reporting requirements. This program covers separators used for car washes, garages, repair shops, gasoline stations and/or for any other operation which involves vehicle or equipment servicing. Sand/oil/water separators are not intended as a disposal site for motor oil and petroleum products. They are only intended for the capture of minor spills and drips of petroleum products which occur in the day-to-day operation.

What is a sand/oil/water separator?

A sand/oil/water separator is a device effective in removing floatable and settleable material and is designed and installed in such a manner that it can be inspected and properly maintained.