GIS Information Access


Discover new insights through our GIS data!

The Board of Public Utilities offers two options for obtaining GIS Information to those engaged in the Board of Public Utilities’ development, planning, engineering, and/or capital improvement projects.

  • Option 1: The Municipal Utilities System Viewer web application is a tool to access the Board of Public Utilities' current water and sewer infrastructure GIS. The viewer is offered to business partners with the need for continuous accessibility and is available to eligible business partners via an Information Sharing Agreement. Applications are limited to one per partnership - by CEO, Principal or Project Manager of the company applying.
  • Option 2: For those not requiring continuous accessibility to GIS, data can be acquired by submitting a Public Information Request. Please note that requests are limited to specific areas.

Information Sharing Agreement

Please contact the Engineering & Water Resource Manager with questions and/or to determine eligibility for the Information Sharing Agreement to access the Municipal Utilities System Viewer.

Contact: Frank Strong
Phone: 307-637-6416

GIS Public Information Request

Please contact the GIS Supervisor with questions and/or to request a GIS Public Information Request form.

Contact: Jeff Foreman
Phone: 307-637-0845