Water & Sewer Rates


Water and Sewer Rate Increases Deferred Until January 1st of 2022.

Generally, January 1st of each year is when Cheyenne's Board of Public Utilities adjusts needed water and sewer (wastewater) rates. However, 2020 was an extraordinary year with the COVID-19 pandemic and it's impact on the economy. The Board of Public Utilities' Board Members unanimously approved deferring any needed rate increases until January 1st of 2022.

Providing reliable and high quality water and wastewater services to the City of Cheyenne is the primary goal at the Board of Public Utilities. All revenue generated from water and wastewater rates are reinvested back into the construction, maintenance and operation of Cheyenne's water and sewer system. All day-to-day operating costs and unplanned work, such as water main leaks, are paid solely by rates and fees, not taxes.

Each April, the Board Members at the Board of Public Utilities review the rates, charges and fees, and provide recommendations to the Cheyenne City Council. Through a City Ordinance, City Council members adopt rate changes to fund essential repairs and upgrades to Cheyenne's water and sewer system, which normally begin January 1st of the following year.

The water and sewer bills consist of two parts:

  1. Monthly service fee, based on the water meter size.
  2. Amount of water used.

Below are the current rates. Most homes have a 5/8 or 3/4-inch water meter.

  1. A monthly service fee based on the water meter size

    Water Meter Size Jan. 1, 2021 Water Service Fee Jan. 1, 2020 Water Service Fee Jan. 1, 2021 Sewer Service Fee Jan. 1, 2020 Sewer Service Fee
    5/8-inch & 3/4-inch $6.12 $5.94
    $5.23 $4.98
    1-inch 7.79 7.56
    6.07 5.78
    1 1/4-inch & 1 1/2-inch 12.39 12.03
    7.43 7.08
    2-inch 15.43 14.98
    10.49 9.99
    3-inch 60.08 58.33
    14.96 14.25
    4-inch 71.52 69.44
    21.05 20.05
    6-inch 93.00 90.29
    35.92 34.21
    8-inch 121.58 118.04
    53.89 51.32
    10-inch 157.31 152.73
    71.85 68.43
    12-inch 208.73 202.65
    89.83 85.55
  2. Volumetric charge per 1,000 gallons

Water Rates
Customer Tiers Jan. 1, 2021
Rate per 1,000 gallons
Jan. 1, 2020
Rate per 1,000 gallons
Single Family Residential First 6,000 gallons $4.42 $4.29
Next 18,000 gallons 5.46 5.30
Next 18,000 gallons 6.78 6.58
Over 42,000 gallons 8.44 8.19
Commercial/Industrial 5.08 4.93
Treated Irrigation 5.70 5.53
Untreated (Raw) Irrigation 2.85 2.77
Reclaimed (Effluent) Water 2.31 2.24
Recycled Water 4.12 4.00

Sewer Rates

Customer Jan. 1, 2021 Rate per 1,000 gallons
Residential $5.15
Commercial/Industrial $5.15

System Development Fees

System Development Fees are assessed to pay for the cost of over-sizing water and sewer mains and to recover the cost of expanding Cheyenne's water and sewer systems. For more information about system development fees and tap fees, refer to the provided documentation below.

Visit the Board of Public Utilities' Projects page to view projects made possible by system development fees.

Water & Sewer Rates

Water and sewer rates are assessed to:

  1. Pay for the operation and maintenance of the water and sewer systems;
  2. Pay for the cost of repairs, replacements, and upgrades to the system;
  3. Cover usual extensions and enlargements;
  4. Provide for emergency expenses.

Refer to the provided documentation below for more information.

Visit the Board of Public Utilities' Projects page to view projects made possible by your water and sewer rates.

Current Rate Ordinances