Property Owner's Responsibility


Property Owner's Responsibility

The Board of Public Utilities is responsible for maintaining, repairing and/or replacement of City owned water and sewer mains.

Property owners are responsible for maintaining, repairing and/or replacement of the service lines connecting their premises to the City owned water and sewer mains. This includes all service lines, curb stops (valve controlling service to the property) and meter pits.

Property owners are also responsible for protecting meters from freezing and/or becoming damaged. If a meter freezes, it may cause a leak that could flood the property. Replacement of a new water meter may also be required at the property owner's expense if there is negligence.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Water and sewer damage may or may not be covered by a property owner's insurance policy. Verify whether water and/or sewer damage is covered on your policy by contacting your insurance agent.

The Board of Public Utilities is not responsible for water and/or sewer damage caused by a property's service line or internal plumbing.


Water Meters

It is unlawful to:

  • Use water without a meter
  • Tamper with a water meter
  • Remove a water meter

These violations may result in prosecution. Water meters are the property of the Board of Public Utilities. For more information, please see City of Cheyenne City Code Chapter 13, Sections 13.08.010 through 13.08.040. Click here for the City Code.

Water meters must be installed before occupancy on the property takes place. This includes both people and landscape. For installation of a water meter, or if there is an issue with a current water meter, call 307-637-6460.

Do not encase a water meter behind a wall without direct access.

Occasionally, the Board of Public Utilities will need access to the water meter, inside or outside the home. You will be contacted in advance if access is required.