Taste & Odor


What to Do if Drinking Water Has an Undesirable Taste or Odor

Water readily dissolves many naturally occurring and man-made chemical compounds. Some of these compounds can produce unwanted tastes and odors in the water.

On its way to your building, water may pass through various pipes, fixtures, and appliances that cause water to have an undesirable taste or odor. Use the checklist below to help identify possible causes of tastes and/or odors.

  • Is the taste or smell present with hot and/or cold water?
  • Does the taste or smell occur at specific faucets or fixtures?
  • Does the taste or smell also exist on glassware or dishes?
  • Is the taste or smell also coming from devices such as ice makers, refrigerators, clothes washers, or dish washers?
  • Is the smell coming from drains or disposals?

If you are unable to determine the cause of the undesirable taste or odor, call the water treatment plant laboratory at (307) 637-7693.

Additional measures to reduce unpleasant taste or odors include:

  • Removing, cleaning, and replacing aerators on faucets.
  • Removing, cleaning, and replacing filters in dishwashers.
  • Replacing filters on ice makers and refrigerators.
  • Replacing filters on pitchers.
  • Following manufacturer recommendations for maintenance on water softeners.
  • Cleaning the food disposal using products recommended for your disposal.
  • Pouring water down infrequently used drains, including floor drains to fill p-traps that might be allowing sewer gas to come up through the pipes.