Lost & Found

Below is a photo of some of the “treasures” that have been found in the sewer system, either in the mains or at the plants. Please be careful to not lose your valuables down the toilet because our treasure case is full. Even though a product fits down the toilet or may even be labeled “flushable”, does not mean that it is good for the sewer system. Many wipes and other objects can be accumulated in areas of low flow or curves in the pipe. This can lead to a sewer back up in your home or business, or on a larger scale in a whole area of the city. These items are also hard on our equipment (pumps, screens, etc.) at the water reclamation plant. This can lead to costly repairs which in turn can lead to higher rates on the sewer bills.

 Display case


Remember, only flush the 3 P’s- Pee, Poo and Paper (toilet) down the toilet.