What to Do if Your Water Is Discolored

Cheyenne normally has very clear water, but on rare occasions, the water may appear discolored. Discolored water may result from a nearby water main break, nearby hydrant use (including hydrant flushing), nearby construction, or additional factors related to your building's water system (such as water heaters and piping).

If your water is discolored, please do the following:

  1. Avoid using hot water or doing laundry while the water is discolored. This will prevent sediment and/or minerals from being drawn into water heaters or onto clothes.
  2. Check outside to see if crews are using water from nearby hydrants. If they are, do not use water until crews have finished. Using the water during hydrant flushing will draw discolored water into the pipes within your building.
  3. Run cold water from a hose or faucet for approximately 20-25 minutes. This will flush discolored water from the building's pipes. The water should begin to flow clear within this time.
  4. When the water begins to flow clear, normal water use may resume.

If after following the guidance above, your water doesn't begin to flow clear, contact the Board of Public Utilities at (307) 637-6471.